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Geriatric Care & Treatment

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The team at Clancy Medical Group believes in a holistic approach to healthcare, one that embraces the whole person, treating both body and mind. Our goal is helping our patients live longer, healthier lives in which they maintain optimum wellness and independence. This often includes lifestyle changes such as implementing healthy diet and exercise habits.

What We Treat

Clancy Medical Group runs a full medical evaluation, focusing on health issues that commonly affect people as they age. We are especially knowledgeable in geriatric care and also look closely at common cognitive and behavioral health issues, such as depression, dementia, confusion, and memory problems.

Our holistic approach to your health includes the wellbeing of your family and caregivers. The goal is helping our patients attain the health and wellness that is so important to improving quality of life. With proper care, your later years can still be a healthy, vibrant time.

Important Geriatric Facts

As people age, their healthcare needs change dramatically. This is a natural component of aging, as many common health problems manifest as we grow older. Heart disease, arthritis, high blood pressure, and diabetes are common side effects of age. Care also becomes more complicated as patients acquire one or more of these conditions, due in part to the way some medications interact negatively with others.

Clancy Medical Group Geriatric Care- Facts about US seniors

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Why Should I Choose Clancy Medical Group for Geriatric Care?

At Clancy Medical Group, geriatric care often involves a team approach. In addition to the physician, this may include a nurse, physician’s assistant, nutritionist, physical therapist, and social worker. Additionally, patients may receive care from a geriatric psychiatrist, occupational therapist, and consultant pharmacist.

Each member of the team works as a group to evaluate the patient’s total needs: medical, emotional, and social. The goal is addressing common conditions of aging, such as falls, incontinence, and memory problems. In addition, the team manages any chronic conditions the patient has, as well as his or her medications.

Geriatric care frequently asked questionsGeriatric Care Frequently Asked Questions

What is geriatric care? Geriatric care focuses on promoting health and treating disease for people in later stages of life. What is a geriatrician? Geriatricians are medical doctors with special training in treating and managing conditions and diseases unique to age, typically in adults over the age of 65. The specialized training geriatricians receive includes recognizing these unique conditions and diseases, as well as the treatments involved, especially when patients require treatment for more than one issue. This typically involves a holistic approach to achieve whole body wellness. Should I bring anything special for a geriatric consultation? In addition to your usual information, such as identification and insurance information, bring any medications you currently take. This includes prescriptions as well as over-the-counter drugs, vitamins, creams, and supplements you take regularly. If you use eyeglasses or a hearing aid, or use any kind of mobility device, including special footwear, bring those items to your consultation, as well. Can I bring someone to my consultation? Yes, you may. In fact, we encourage you to bring either your caregiver or a close family member or friend. Clancy Medical Group’s holistic approach to healing includes these personal relationships. What will my appointment include? Our team looks at your complete medical history and conducts a thorough physical examination. This exam allows us to assess your risk of common geriatric concerns, including osteoporosis, vision and hearing, memory loss, and incontinence. We also assess behavioral health issues such as depression, and look at your medications to ensure there are no conflicts. Your initial consultation lasts approximately one hour. You talk about “lifestyle changes.” What does that mean? CMG believes strongly that a healthy lifestyle, one that includes a balanced diet and exercise, engenders a healthy, independent life. To that end, we look at your current diet and exercise habits to see where changes may improve your overall health. Nutrition needs change as we age, as do our physical abilities. We want you to be physically active, but in a safe, healthy way. Our team works with you to design a healthy eating and exercise plan.